15 things a cake decorator never wants to hear

15 Things a Cake Decorator Never Wants to Hear Ever…

15 Things a Cake Decorator Never Wants to Hear Ever…

  1. Was it really supposed to look like that?
  2. “Mum, I know you’re finished, but should there be a big bubble on this side,?”… OMG
  3. I’m afraid it didn’t quite make it to the venue in one piece…
  4. No no no. The name is spelt with an E not an I can you re do it?
  5. My budget is huge, it’s $100, so I’d like 3 tiers and heaps of roses – thanks.
  6. I have a friend whose wondering if you could do her a favour, I’ve told her you’re really good and you are so cheap
  7. Hi, I’m just calling to cancel my order for tomorrow….
  8. Chocolate mud? No, I ordered white mud. I don’t care what you wrote down. !
  9. I know we said we’d pick it up, but can you deliver it, we are really busy.
  10. You know I’m gluten free, lactose intolerant and allergic to eggs right?
  11. I know I asked for purple, but now I’m thinking pink would have looked a lot better. Can you re do it before tomorrow?
  12. Do you do rainbow cakes for kids? For $20?
  13. Can I order 300 cupcakes for my wedding, plus my wedding cake? It’s next week….
  14. I know we are friends, so if I just pay you for ingredients, that’s ok isn’t it?
  15. No, the date is this Saturday, not next Saturday

Tell me is there something you have heard that made your heart just sink?

Happy Caking. ♥ Louise xx


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