Learn Cake Decorating Online Affiliate Partner Program

If you love LearnCakeDecoratingOnline.com like us, by helping us grow you can make money as well.
This is why we have the affiliate partner program.

What is an affiliate partner program?


Every new member you bring to LearnCakeDecoratingOnline.com will be registered as referred by you.

As a new affiliate you will receive 30% of any membership fees that they pay, and this is paid out to you monthly!

We want to keep you motivated so depending on your performance this commission can go up to 40-50% or even more!

How much can I earn?


An unlimited amount, and you can earn recurring passive income!

Think about this:

– You refer 10 of your friends to LCDO.
– They love the site, so they become members, and each pay the $19.95 membership fee.
– You get 40% of that.
– So,  you receive $79.80 every month, as long as they stay members. Every. Single. Month.
– Refer 100 people and you receive $798 every month.

If you have a big following of cake decorators, and refer 1000 people, you will be making almost $8000 per month  with no work!

How does it work?

It’s completely free to join.

 Once you’re an LCDO member all you need to do is send us an email to activate your affiliate program.

If you don’t have an LCDO account, we can create an affiliate only account for you.

Once you are signed up as an affiliate partner you will be able to sign in to your affiliate partner account.

In your account you will find so called ‘Share Links’ to our various products.

You can copy this link and paste it into anywhere you think your prospective customers (friends, family, fans or followers) will likely see it.

You can put link it on your website, share it on your Facebook page or profile, use it in your social media ads, send it out in email, print it on flyers or paint it across the sky.

When your friends, family or website visitors click on those links that you shared, a small cookie will be placed on their computer that tells our site that they have come from your referral with your special link.

Then, depending on whether they make a purchase, your affiliate account will be credited accordingly depending on the type of purchase.

How long will a cookie last?

The cookie is set to remain on the browser of the user for as long as it is not deleted. 

As users are completely in control of when they delete their cookies we cannot guarantee that it will last forever.

However, for as long as it is not deleted, all purchases made by that visitor will be registered to your account.

Who can be an affiliate?

Anyone with a Paypal account, which is where we will pay your commissions.

How much money can I make?

Initially 30% (later 40%, 50% or even more) of any membership fees and individual purchases that members make.

When and how would I get paid commission?

We send out payments to all affiliates on a monthly basis. 

Affiliate payments are only made via PayPal at this time so you will need to have a PayPal account for us to be able to make payments to you.

Can I track my earnings?

Sure, you can log into your account and see a full report on how you are doing at anytime.

How do I sign up?

Just send us an email to  

requesting to become an affiliate.