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IT IS POSSIBLE! this possible TO YOU?

cake decorating blogger

So what do you have to do to be known to 180 000+ people?

Become our Cake Decorating Blogger! 

cake blogger
  • Show your creations, your talent, your cake life to 15 000+ visitors monthly.
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As a result...

  • Get exposure for your projects!
  • Advertise your cake business to 180 000+ people for FREE!
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  • Forget about pricing contest's with your competition...or rather... forget about your competition... 🙂


Send an email to

[email protected]

with the following details and join our team!

  1. Your name, location and the name and contact of your cake business or blog (website, Facebook page etc).
  2. Short introduction of yourself and a description of why you would like to be a blogger at LCDO, what motivates you, what are your goals.
  3. Pictures of 5 of your cake projects that you are proudest of.

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