the big slice 19th september 2014

The Big Slice 19th September 2014

Its FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!! Who is busy getting cakes ready for the weekend?


There has been some huge things happening online this week both on our website and around the world.

You have been asking us for individual downloadable tutorials and we have listened. We are releasing a range of our popular tutorials for individual download. Previously you could only access these if you were a member of Learn Cake Decorating Online and that is still the best way to access ALL of our tutorials. But I know sometimes you only want one….or perhaps you just want to try us out so here 5 tutorials that you can now buy individually.
You will recieve all the videos and the PDF to download and store on your computer.
Click HERE to see all the available tutorials
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Lets a quick look at what is happening around the web too….


Could cake decorators eventually become a thing of the past or will they embrace new technology and continue creating the cakes of our dreams? Whatever you think, there is no denying these are just beautiful……
Check out these amazing sweet creations made with a 3D printer!

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This bright, colourful and fun effect is so simply and easy to achieve, just follow the steps. We found this very clever technique at Decobake Bachelors Walk’s.
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A few weeks ago we posted a video series about creating a cake from start to finish and you loved it! The only problems was that we forgot part 2! Covering the cake! So here it is.
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As always have an awesome weekend and Happy Caking!

Louise xx

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