boca negra cake

Boca Negra Cake – Most Amazing Cake Ever


This Boca Negra cake is like a giant chocolate truffle! I kid you not! And its gluten free!
Adam Cremona popped over for dinner a few weeks ago with this goodness and I just had to pull out my camera, take a shot, write the recipe on a serviette and share it with you.

Boca Negra Cake
Boca Negra Cake

250g Butter
1/2 Cup Black Cherry Bourbon
1 1/2 Cups Caster Sugar
400g Dark Chocolate
5 Eggs

Dissolve the bourbon and sugar in a saucepan. Don’t boil!
Tip into a food processor and add 400g chopped chocolate. Process till smooth.
Keep the motor running and add 250g chopped butter gradually and then the 5 eggs.
Pop into a spring form tin and place in a baking tray with boiling water halfway up the side of the tin and bake at 180 degrees Celsius until set around the edges.
Refrigerate till firm.

Not bad for some scribbled notes on a serviette huh?

Boca Negra Cake-2

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