Why you should never work for free

Why you should never work for free Cake decorators are a talented bunch. Creative, full of free flowing ideas and passionate. But everything that makes them all kinds of wonderful are the very things that trip them up.                                   […]

How to get all the forms you need for your cake business

DOWNLOAD my  PRICING and Marketing Forms Pack NOW How to get all the forms you need for your cake business When  you start a business, it can take just so long to get all your ducks in a row. I know for me this part of my business took so much trial and error and […]

7 Top Tips for Photographing Your Cakes

7 Top Tips for Photographing Your Cakes Lets improve your cake photography with a few simple tips. LIGHTING If you only learn one thing from this article, make sure its this one! It is ALL about lighting. The light source you have will make or break your images. Natural light is always best and a […]

Differentiating Your Cake Business

Differentiating Your Cake Business in a Crowded Marketplace There has been a surge in interest in cake decorating for some years now. Over time as with any growth area hobbyists naturally transition to other areas within the field. This has meant that more and more cake decorators are thinking about starting their own businesses and […]

Copyright Laws and Cake Decorators

My client has asked for a Mickey Mouse Cake. Can I make this and sell it? Copyright Laws and Cake Decorators! This is a hot topic of conversation and in this modern age with social media sharing there is more than one cake decorator who has found themselves innocently o the wrong side of the […]

Are You Ready to Start Your Cake Business?

I know what it is like to have a business that you are passionate about, to work each day for yourself and I know just how rewarding that is. I also know how many cake decorators I have seen try and fail, not because they didn’t have the creative eye, or finely honed decorating skills […]

Working From Home – Its Not a Piece of Cake!

More and more women are leaving the workforce in droves to start their own businesses at  home. In fact women setting up businesses from home is the fastest growing sector of the Australian economy with similar trends being seen the in US and UK. And its not surprising that women are making this choice. Especially […]