Cake International London 2016 Alexandra Palace

​If Heaven exists in the Cake World it is definitely called Cake International. I still remember how astonished I felt when I first got exposed to this whirlwind of sweet smells, bright colours and creative designs.This year I decided to try and share at least a fragment of all this awesomeness with you.I've spent an […]

How to carve cakes

Cake Carving As with any other skill or art form, carving cakes requires: time, patience and lots of practice; but if you are passionate about it and you’re ready to put in the effort, in good time you’ll be sculpting cakes you’ve only dreamt of. And the beauty is you’ll enjoy every moment of it. […]

The Big Slice 5th September 2014

The Big Slice 5th September 2014 – the latest tips, tricks and tutorials in the world of cake Good Morning Cakers! Its September! And whilst it may not feel like Spring in Sydney just yet, it does mean that we have new tutorials with gorgeous spring flowers for you! I thought I’d give you a […]

How to Make and Ice Sugar Cookies – Apple and Ballet Cookies

How to Make and Ice Sugar Cookies – Apple and Ballet Cookies Materials 12 baked cookies (we used a basic sugar recipe and an apple cutter and a ballerina cookie cutter but practice on whatever shape you have. 100ml Sugar Syrup 150g red fondant icing 50 g brown fondant 25g green and brown fondant […]

Isomalt in Sugarcrafting

Isomalt is a healthier alternative to sugar. It has the taste, texture, as well as physical properties of real sugar, but half its calories. Made from beet sugar, this is perfect for people who need to watch their blood glucose and insulin levels closely, or for people who want to lower their calorie intake but […]

How to make Ruldolph and Snowmen Cake Pops

How to make Ruldolph and Snowmen Cake Pops Are you looking for a super easy idea for gifts this Christmas? Or do you need last minute presents for the kids to give to their classmates? In this quick video Adam Cremona shows you how to make these adorable Christmas Cake Pops! So cute!  

Top 10 Cake Decorating Tools

Top 10 Cake Decorating Tools, that you just can’t live without… When it comes to cake decorating we all have our preferences. Cake flavours, frosting versus ganache, hell, even fondant versus marzipan. But there are some tools, which bakers and decorators alike just can’t seem to go past So with that in mind, we have […]

Are You Ready to Start Your Cake Business?

I know what it is like to have a business that you are passionate about, to work each day for yourself and I know just how rewarding that is. I also know how many cake decorators I have seen try and fail, not because they didn’t have the creative eye, or finely honed decorating skills […]

Using essential oils to flavour your ganache

I often get asked how you can expand your cake flavours without adding to your workload.  If you want to keep your repertoire with cakes quite small, a simple way to introduce flavour is with your ganache and syrups. I like to use pure essential oils to flavour my ganaches as I do not like […]