Chocolate Chip Cookies

Egg Free Chocolate Chip Cookies with Poppy and Jess

Poppy and Jess are back with this super cute tutorial to show you how to make scrummy chocolate chip cookies!

In todays world of egg free and nut free schools, it can be super hard to find Egg Free and nut free recipes that you can pop in the kids lunch boxes. This one was discovered by accident! Poppy and Jess made this super cute video but forgot to add the eggs! And you know what? These cookies were sensational. They were super crunchy on the first day (which was yum) and overnight they were the perfect soft cookie. Combined with the fact that Poppy threw in those huge chocolate buttons….no chopping required made these a huge hit in our household.

500g Butter
926g Plain Flour
200g Chocolate
320g White Sugar
367g Brown Sugar
4 Eggs – we made this without eggs, they are crunchier but works both ways ;)
2g Sea Salt
5ml Vanilla Essence

1.Get the butter to room temperature, cream together with the 2 sugars and vanilla essence

2.Mix the eggs in until smooth (if using) then mix half the flour and add the rest until almost combined

3. Add the chopped chocolate and mix until dough is smooth

4. 160 degree for 10 minutes turn the tray then cook for a further 4 minutes until the top of the cookie is just starting to show small cracks

Use different chocolates or combination of a few
Add different nuts or combination
Add spices in with the flour
Don’t cook too long or no color on top

Enjoy x

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