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For The Love of Cake – Our Ultimate Cake Recipe Book

A behind the scenes look at the book shoot for our ultimate cake recipe book – For The Love of Cake

Gosh, I can’t believe it has been 6 months since we started this project! What a journey!

I had decided last year that it was time to put together a cake recipe book. And now is the time to launch it, so I thought I would give you a little behind the scenes look at what it took to make a book!

“I remember as a child hiding chocolates under my pillow and stashing little bags of chocolate drops wherever I could. I would collect every cent I could find and would sneak to the corner shop for a 20 cent bag of mixed lollies at every chance. By the time I was an adult I had a few sensational dessert recipes up my sleeve but I soon realised that in order to be able to bake all the recipes I wanted to try, I would need to make a business of it, otherwise I would end up eating much more than I should!

In the beginning it really was the baking and the eating that fueled my passion for cake. Not the decorating.

Once the business started, I realised just how essential it was to have fail-safe cake recipes. Recipes that didn’t cost me time and money in constant trialing and tweaking for cakes that just didn’t work. It would throw my whole week into disarray when I had a cake that didn’t rise, or a cake that didn’t have that wow factor. I believe that a mouthful of cake should be followed my some sort of pleasurable moan, perhaps with an expression of “OMG”.

Unless that is happening; well, I just haven’t done my job.”

Extract – For The Love of Cake

So , I sat down with recipe chef Adam Cremona to come up with a book of the best cake recipes that you could ever need. I wanted this to be the book, that as a cake decorator or home baker, you could refer back to and have as an arsenal of the best, most reliable recipes we could create.

So once the recipe list was done, it was up to Adam to lock himself in the kitchen and test away!

Once the recipes were all finalised then we really got to have some fun. I must admit I am a bit of a bowerbird when it comes to vintage goods, I love nothing more than a good poke around an op shop or a market and am always bringing things home. Both Adam and I already had our own collections to draw on for the shoot…..but well we did need just a few more things….

photo 3













Once that was done, we packed up the cars and headed to the gorgeous Little Pig Creek in Kangaroo Valley, NSW Australia for our book shoot. I really wanted us to be able to completely immerse ourselves in this project and this gorgeous house with a fabulous kitchen was the perfect place.

Little Pig Creek Low Resolution File-29










The week started with some pretty intense discussion around fork placement and importance of achieving the perfect drippage!

blog photos low res (4 of 12)




















Frank took some gorgeous photos….and well, ate some cake……..

blog photos low res (8 of 12)




















We took lots of photos……and even shot in the rain!

photo 2













Adam spent lots of time in the kitchen…..

blog photos low res (1 of 12)



















And then ate cake……..

blog photos low res (3 of 12)










We shot in practically every corner of the house….yep even the bathroom…….that’s Adam and I hiding in the shower……

blog photos low res (11 of 12)










And when I needed help with my bubbles for my profile pic…..Well lets just say Adam knows his way around a whisk!

blog photos low res (12 of 12)


















Then we came home and the hours of editing and working with our fabulous designer Lisa Valuyskaya all the way over in Rome began.

We had an awesome time creating this gorgeous book for you…and now its time to hand it over. To you, the decorators and bakers, whom I hope will get as much pleasure from baking these recipes as we did creating them for you.

blog photos low res (6 of 12)











blog photos low res (7 of 12)











I give you….For the Love of Cake….

Cake Bible Finals-51











Cake Bible Finals-72
























To see the full recipe list and to buy the book click below



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