How to make a Cheeky Monkey cake topper

Have you made a cake topper of cheeky monkey yet? No! Here we are specially presenting a video that will guide you to learn this amazing  art.

Monkey toppers are a fun way to decorate cupcakes, which can be used on many occasions.

Ingredients: Fondant, rolling pin, Zacto knife, edible gum glue, round cutter, any piping tip.

Step 1: Roll out a brown piece of fondant to a ¼ of an inch thick. Use the large round cutter to make a cut.

Step 2: Use the brown fondant, roll two medium size balls smoothly. By, using a finger or thumb, press onto the fondant. Use the end of JEM tool, create a pocket in each piece of fondant. This will help in creating monkey’s ear.

Step 3: Using edible gum glue, glue the ears onto the base of the topper.

Step 4: Roll out two small balls using the ivory fondant. Glue them onto the base of the Monkey to make eyes.

Step 5: Roll out the medium ball with ivory fondant. By pressing the fondant into an oval shape and glue it onto the base of the monkey under the eyes to form the mouth and face.

Step 6: Using a Zacto knife draw the lips of the monkey. Use an edible black marker to draw Monkey’s eyes some hair between his eyes.

Cute an adorable topper is ready!

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