hanging birdhouse cake

How to make a Hanging Birdhouse cake

It’s surely one of the best cakes you could ever see and of course, east. The unique design of the cake has enormous popularity among people. The cake needs to have a flame of about 7 inches tall and 4 inches would cover the roof. These types of cakes can use chocolate Ganache or Pink Swiss Meringue buttercream. The cake was Paneled with sugar paste. You can either use store bought or could use homemade sugar for the cake. You can also make a tall cake with a tapered roof.

If you want to try something that you never did, this is for you. The exclusive shape and decor will be adored by the onlooker. You may hesitate to try this type of cake but your efforts will not go vain.

A birdhouse cake can also be carved in a full-fledged cake in you need a large cake for your party. There are enormous tutorials available that can teach you the recipe for birdhouse cakes. Royal icing superstar, Italy’s Donatella’s Semalo has created an outstanding birdhouse cake that was breadth-taking. There is another amazing cake maker known as Torie Jayne. The cakes designed by Torie Jayne are beautiful, one similar to gingerbread birdhouse. You’ll be amazed to know that there is spring-time birdhouse cake designed by Torie Jayne with sugar crafted ivy and gingerbread toadstools that an enchanted design.

If you are bored from offering the mainstream cakes designs, try out something different with birdhouse cake designs. Your cake treat would be loved by one and all. With just few practice, one can easily learn birdhouse cake. This cake design is amazing in its own way.

Give your guests the unique birdhouse cake that they will love to eat and enjoy! Watch its tutorials to learn perfectly.

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