Easter Egg Bunny

How to make a Fun Fondant Easter Egg Bunny


A superb topping over a cake adds beauty and temptation to the cake. When I was young, I loved the pets and my favourite was a bunny. They are adorable due to their ears and face, their white colour used to add even more to their lovely feature. So why not try something like this as a topping?

Ingredients: light blue fondant but it will take some to dry, pink fondant, lollipop sticks, paintbrush, little water, large heat cutter, large circle cutter, smallest circle cutter, smallest oval cutter, toothpick knife, rolling pin, powdered sugar, black edible marker

Step 1: roll out the light blue fondant. Using the both, large heart cutter and circle cutter cut a circle piece and a heart piece. By using a knife, cut the heart shape in half to make the ears of the bunny.

Step 2: roll out pink fondant and use the smallest oval cutter to cut 2 ovals. Brush a little water on the teardrops and stick and oval on each piece and try to flat it.

Step 4: Use the smallest circle cutter to cut 2 small circles. Put the toothpick randomly onto these circles to bring roughness. By using fingers, make a nose. For eyes, take two confetti sprinkles in any colour.

Step 5: Allow these bunnies to dry up. Using melted chocolate, attach the lollipop.

All that you need to do is stick your bunny to a cupcake or a cake and enjoy!

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