how to make and ice sugar cookies

How to Make and Ice Sugar Cookies – Apple and Ballet Cookies

How to Make and Ice Sugar Cookies – Apple and Ballet Cookies


  • 12 baked cookies (we used a basic sugar recipe and an apple cutter and a ballerina cookie cutter but practice on whatever shape you have.
  • 100ml Sugar Syrup
  • 150g red fondant icing
  • 50 g brown fondant
  • 25g green and brown fondant icing
  • 1 quantity of royal icing
  • baking paper
  • #2 piping tip
  • clean squeeze bottle
  • 1 drop pink food colour


  • Pastry brush
  • Rolling Pin
  • Small Sharp knife
  • Cornflour shaker

1. Roll out the red fondant about 2mm thick and cut out a shape with the same cutter that you used for your cookie

2. Using a brush, lightly cover the cookie in a sugar syrup thickened with a little jam

3. With a sharp knife remove any parts you do not want in the original colour

4. Gently place the fondant on the cookie smoothing it with your hand.5. Repeat the process with any parts you would like in different colours. For the apple, we made the leaf green and the stalk



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