noah in the bath cake topper

Noah in the Bath Cake Topper

Noah in the Bath Cake Topper
Today we welcome our new guest blogger Trish Barber from Cakicature with the first in her Poocha series. Lets just say Trish is a figurine goddess and I would say we will be seeing quite a bit more of her around the cakey traps!
1. To make a Noah in the Bath topper, start with some Rice Krispie Treats (RKT). I use an LCM breakfast bar so I don’t end up with heaps of RKT leftover and end up eating them myself! Just make sure you get the plain LCMs, not the chocolate or yoghurt coated ones or some other fancy flavourings.
2. Squish the bar and form it into a barrel shape, or something similar. It doesn’t have to be precise.
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3. Roll out a strip of chocolate fondant about 1/8-inch thick and wrap it around the LCM.
Dog Tutorial (2 of 22)
4.  Use a paring knife to score some vertical lines on the side of the barrel at regular intervals.
5. To help space them out nicely, start with one line and then score another line directly on the opposite side of the barrel.
6. Then, using these two lines as guides, score a vertical line right in the middle between these two lines on one side of the barrel and then do another one on the direct opposite of this one
4. Repeat the process until you get eight vertical lines….. or you can just guess and space them out.
5. Roll a thin sausage with the chocolate fondant and attach to the top of the barrel with a little bit of water to form a lip.
Dog Tutorial (3 of 22)
6. Make a teardrop with some beige coloured fondant.
7. Attach the teardrop on top of the barrel and secure with a piece of toothpick. This is the body. Make sure you have enough of toothpick sticking out of the body to support the head.
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8. Form two more teardrops with the beige fondant, but smaller than the first teardrop, approximately half the size. These will be the puppy’s hands.
9. Slightly flatten the broad ends of the arms and make two slits.
Dog Tutorial (6 of 22)
10.Attach the arms to each side of the body and make an indentation with your flower tool to accommodate the head.
Dog Tutorial (8 of 22)11. Form an oval shaped ball with the same beige fondant you’ve used for the head and arms.
Dog Tutorial (9 of 22)12. Attach the head to the body.
13. Make a ball from brown fondant. To get brown fondant, I knead some chocolate fondant with white fondant. Squish it on one side so it looks like a deflated basketball.
14. Attach the muzzle to the face and make a vertical slit in the middle of the muzzle to start forming the mouth
Dog Tutorial (11 of 22)
15. Round off the edges with your flower tool. If you can only afford to buy one sculpting or modelling tool, get the flower tool. It is absolutely indispensable! I have a few of these, just to be safe!
Dog Tutorial (12 of 22)
16. Use your scriber tool, form a smile on each side of the muzzle. The scriber tool is the next indispensable tool but if you can’t afford this after spending your last few dollars on your flower tool, do not despair. A needle or pin will do the job just as well…. unless you don’t have them either, in which case you will just end up with a rather grumpy pooch.
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17.Stick a bit of pink fondant for the tongue. Dogs always stick out their tongues when having a bath. Don’t ask me why. That’s just the way they roll.
18.Now it needs a big wet nose. A bit of black fondant about 1/8-inch thick formed into a sort of rounded triangle shape does the trick.
Dog Tutorial (14 of 22)
19.Make some little dots on the muzzle for whiskers. Bullmastiffs tend to have larger pores on their muzzles. Again, don’t ask me why. That’s just how they are.
Dog Tutorial (15 of 22)
20.Roll and cut out some brown fondant using a small heart-shaped cutter. Then cut it in half down the middle.
Dog Tutorial (16 of 22)
21.Attach each half of the small heart on the face to make eye patches.
22.Make small indents on the eye patches and attach small black circles. Now you have eyes. Now your pooch can see what you’re doing so you’ll need to be extra careful from here onwards. He may not like what you’re doing to him!
Dog Tutorial (17 of 22)
23.Roll out more 1/8-inch brown fondant and this time cut out another heart but use a large heart cutter. What? Don’t have a large heart cutter? Hmmm….. I think we need to have a chat……. But again, don’t despair! If you don’t have a heart cutter, just form teardrops and flatten. Voila! You have ears.
24.Stick half the heart on one side of the face sharp end facing downwards. Notice how I’ve elongated the sharp end a bit because I want floppy ears. If you want shorter ears, don’t stretch the ear, or just cut off the tapered end before attaching to the face.
Dog Tutorial (18 of 22)
25.Fold the ear down but go easy. Remember your pooch is now watching you intently! I simply let the ear flop down on its own, safer that way. Quite embarrassing being bitten by a fondant pooch.
Dog Tutorial (19 of 22)
26.Attach the other ear and pinch them slightly to make them appear more ear-like. Again, go easy with the pinching. Ouch
27.Roll two white sausages and wrap them around the barrel. Also, roll two teeny weeny white balls and attach them to the eyes to bring them alive. Remember, very very tiny white balls, we don’t want our pooch to have cataracts (NOooooo!).
 Dog Tutorial (20 of 22)
28.No bath is complete without a bath sponge, so make a yellow teardrop and flatten slightly to form a sponge.
Dog Tutorial (21 of 22)29.Attach the yellow flattened teardrop piece and make some holes to make it look like a sponge. I use a very fine ball tool but that’s just me. I have an obsession for tools and tend to collect heaps of tools. Again, if you don’t have a tiny ball tool, just use a needle. And if you don’t have a needle…. well, we’ve been through this before….
30. We’re almost there! A bath is not a bath without soap suds and bubbles so give pooch some bubbles by making small white balls and simply randomly attaching them to his face, hands, sponge, even to the tip of his nose! At this point your pooch may tell you where he wants the bubbles and if he’s had enough.
31. Bubbles on the floor add a touch of realism.
Dog Tutorial (1 of 1)-4
Thanks so much Trish for this super cute tutorial! We can’t wait until the next in your Poocha Series!
Make sure you check out her website and go and like her Facebook page

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