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    Learn how to make an Easter Bunny Cake with Learn Cake Decorating Online cake decorator, Handi Mulyana.

    From this fun and easy-to-follow cake decorating video, you will learn how to make an Easter themed rabbit cake in bright yellow fondant. This is another cake design that will further enhance your cake sculpting skills to enable you to carve your own version of this bunny cake. You will learn the techniques on how to make a rabbit design in a vertical or sitting position which you can later on apply in making a sitting Teddy Bear or any other sitting animal designs.

    Perfect for the Easter celebration, you can catch people’s attention and most especially of the kids who will enjoy every angle of this attractive 3-dimensional cake.

    Watch the trailer below and click on “I want this!” to purchase a downloadable copy of Handi’s Easter Bunny Cake video tutorial.