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    Learn how to make a fondant Easter Egg Bunny with Learn Cake Decorating Online expert, Verusca Walker.

    Everybody knows just how kids enjoy the surprises brought about by chocolate Easter eggs in fancy foil wraps and this is not only during a specific time of the year. So, moms would sometimes have a basketful of these treats kept in the pantry even though it’s not Easter. Want to know what else can be made out of these chocolate eggs? Watch and learn from teacher Verusca and be able to make your own fondant Easter Egg Bunny with a chocolatey surprise center!

    Learn from the basics like how to smoothly cover the egg with white fondant to serve as the rabbit’s body and how to make the rabbit’s head. You will also learn how to add intricate facial details to make your bunny look really adorable, as well as how to create a perfect set of rabbit ears to complete your Easter Egg Bunny. Aside from all these, Verusca will also be sharing with you useful pieces of advice which you can apply in all your other cake decorating activities.

    Watch the trailer below and click on “I want this!” to purchase a downloadable copy of Verusca’s Easter Egg Bunny video tutorial.