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    Having a jungle-themed party? Try this cheeky monkey for a cute cake centerpiece! Let Margie Carter impress you with her sculpting skills. Through her detailed tutorial, she’ll make this challenging monkey cake easier for you.

    In 3 full-length videos, this pack will teach you how to sculpt the cheeky monkey and decorate the base cake as well. It is also shown on a downloadable PDF book, which is included in the pack. The eBook contains Margie’s sketches and templates for the cheeky money’s body parts and various facial expressions, and for the palm trees for the base cake as well.

    Learn techniques from Margie on sculpting on this Cheeky Monkey Cake video tutorial, and you’ll be able to create your own animal creatures in no time! With Margie’s lessons and your creativity, you’ll be able to create a sweet jungle!

    Watch the trailer below and click on “I want this!” to purchase a downloadable copy of Margie’s Cheeky Monkey Cake Topper video tutorial.


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