• Description

    Perfect for a girl’s party or even a tea party, this pretty and cartoony Owl Cake will surely impress your guests, both young and young-at-heart! In this tutorial, Louise Vansleve will teach you how to secure the base, built and sculpt, and decorate your detailed cake. Louise explains every technique she uses, which will help you understand why and what those are for. These techniques could also be used on making other cakes!

    This pack contains 3 full-length videos that goes in-depth from building the base, stacking the cakes and sculpting it, and decorating the cake with fondant and other fine details. It comes with a downloadable PDF that goes through the steps Louise did. The eBook also contains the template for the Owl’s wings.

    Feel free to find your own owl-inspiration, or add modifications in Louise’s design such as changing the color palette. Either way, Louise’s techniques will still surely guide you.