peonies and stenciling cake

Stenciled Cake with Sugar Peonies



Learn how to make a square Stenciled Cake with Sugar Peonies with Learn Cake Decorating Online teacher, Handi Mulyana.

Cake stencils are readily available in the market but you’ve got to learn the proper methods of cake stenciling to be able to come up with a really beautiful cake. Here is a cake decorating video where you can learn the techniques from our expert Handi. His skillful demonstration, along with the included PDF instructions and images, will guide you through the process. Learn all the steps from making the square cake, covering it with fondant, making sugar peonies, to stenciling and adding details.

It’s going to be easy, interesting and lots of fun learning to create the perfect cake design for weddings, wedding anniversaries and also for 18th birthday celebrations.

Watch the trailer below and click on “I want this!” to purchase a downloadable copy of Handi’s Stenciled Cake with Sugar Peonies video tutorial.


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