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    In starting a cake business, you would usually be struggling with a number of difficult situations. One of the most distressing could be not knowing how to price your cakes. You would tend to be quoting too high or maybe pricing it too low. Now there are significant disadvantages in both scenarios and these drawbacks could greatly affect the growth of your business.

    What can you do to avoid these?

    Well, you might need to set a margin for the price of your cakes and you can go slightly higher or lower depending on the type of customer you are dealing with. But, you’ve just started on this venture and you don’t know how to draw the line. You’ll need to do the math but you don’t have the formula. You are not even sure of which factors to consider…

    Thankfully, Learn Cake Decorating Online has created a complete guide on how you can price your cakes in a way where:

    You make a healthy profit

    Your customers are satisfied

    You never have to worry about pricing again


    Here is THE ULTIMATE CAKE PRICING GUIDE from the World’s Greatest Cake Decorating Tutorial Community Learn Cake Decorating Online.


    How to never underprice your cakes again

    Avoiding cheapskates and landing high paying customers

    Pricing your cakes for profit and customer satisfaction (making them cheaper actually makes your customers value your cakes less)

    How YOU can be the one to turn down negotiators because you already have enough other quality customers

    Get paid before you even begin making the cake

    How you can break even in your cake business and how to actually become financially independent just from baking

    And… the formula for setting up your cake prices, for a high profit every time!


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