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    Learn how to make a realistic Violin Cake with Learn Cake Decorating Online cake decorator, Verusca Walker.

    Here is another reason why you shouldn’t be afraid of trying out advanced cake designs! A carefully detailed cake decorating video tutorial with step-by-step PDF instructions to guide you in creating a beautiful Violin Cake. Looking at this cake design, you might find it too complicated or you might think it would be difficult to transport. But, with teacher Verusca, everything will be easier and it’s going to be lots of fun.

    You will learn how to set up a structural frame to give your cake a nice violin shape, and how to strengthen the structure to be able to hold the weight of the cake. You will also learn how to install a support bracket to stabilize your cake for transport. The last parts of the tutorial will teach you how to add life-like colors to the violin and how to make the remaining parts of the instrument such as the tuning pegs and the nut.

    Right before you start, you can choose to make a life-size violin or you can just create a smaller version by enlarging or reducing the template provided. There will be pictures in the PDF to illustrate each of the steps and make sure that you are doing it the right way. When you have completed this tutorial, you will also be able to make a guitar and other musical instruments following the techniques you have learned.

    Watch the trailer below and click on “I want this!” to purchase a downloadable copy of Verusca’s Violin Cake video tutorial.