Could this be the worlds ultimate dessert?

Every once in a while we see something that makes us just want to leap into our computer screen and start eating! Post by Randa Hafez.   Well perhaps we can’t quite do that but we did nearly start licking our screen. Could this be the world’s ultimate dessert? Read more from Learn Cake Decorating […]

Sticky Honey, Almond and Amaretto Cake

Do you know much about bees? Did you know they are dying? Many people don’t realise just how critical to our ecosystem these little creatures are. I know if one stings you it can be a little annoying. Ok well maybe also annoying. But what will be even more annoying is living in a time […]

Rhubarb Yoghurt Cake with Sticky Rhubarb Sauce

Rhubarb Yoghurt Cake with Sticky Rhubarb Sauce I have been a rhubarb lover since I was a kid. Stewed rhubarb and apple had a regular and much loved place on our dessert table as kids and so when I spied the Wild Strawberry and Rhubarb Yoghurt flavour, it was the first to be popped into […]

Classic Sponge Cake

Here is the only collection of triple-tested recipes that you will ever need.

Together with chef Adam Cremona, we came up together with a range of mouth watering cakes that can be used as dessert cakes and cakes under fondant or buttercream.

We have also included ganaches, buttercreams, syrups and jellies to be used as accompaniments to your cakes.

You will see a guide with each cake

GF - Gluten FREE

FC - Perfect for Fondant Cakes

BC - Perfect for Buttercream Cakes

DC - Dessert Cakes - Perfect just as they are

I hope you enjoy cooking with and using these recipes as much as we have enjoyed creating, styling, photographing and eating them!

How to make Berry Clafoutis

How to make Berry Clafoutis They say in life that one door closes and another opens. It sounds so cliched , but its true. This is exactly what is happening to me this week. I am literally closing a door. A door on something that just didn’t work and you know what, I couldn’t be […]

Can Cheesecake make you happy?

Lime and Pistachio Cheesecake. I promise it will make you happy. Maggie Beer, arguably one of Australia’s happiest personalities sat on a panel at a previous years Happiness and its Causes conference discussing the link between happiness and food and spoke with her customary warmth and energy about “the feeling of warmth that comes not […]

How to Make Perfect Macarons

How to Make Macarons So we missed Macaron day this year but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on macarons! Join Jessica Pedemont from Learn Cake Decorating Online as she makes the most delicious Macarons you ever did eat! If you make some macarons, make sure you post your pictures on Facebook or Instagram […]

Best Ever Spiced Rum Cake and Hot Rum Milk

                        I went to Fiji for about 8 hours on Christmas eve 2013……..Random, I know. It was a cruise stop off. There is not much you can do in 8 hours on an island. However I did manage to buy an international phone charger […]

How to make Honeycomb with Jessica Pedemont

Jessica Pedemont from Chocolate Artisan shows you how to make this super easy but irresistible honeycomb. Honeycomb Recipe Ingredients: 125g castor sugar 65g honey 65g glucose 30g water 7g bi-carb soda Method: In a saucepan place water, glucose, honey and castor sugar. Cook on low heat till all sugar has dissolved and caramel develops. Add […]

What can go wrong with Ganache and How to fix it!

One question that we get asked more than anything is how to make the perfect ganache for covering cakes. In Part 2 of our Ganache series Chocolatier  Jessica Pedemont talks about all the things that can go wrong with ganache and just how to fix them!

How to make Valentine’s Heart Cake Pops

How to Make Valentines Heart Cake Pops   Do you have some leftover Red Velvet Cake that you just need to use up? Why not try our delicious Valentine Cake Pops by Adam Cremona? Something romantic for Valentines Day!! Something completely yummy 🙂 !!!!

How to make Red velvet Cake

How to make Red Velvet Cake Learn how to make this beautiful and easy Red Velvet Cake with Adam Cremona. What a perfect quick dessert or even a great gift ! Red Velvet Cake Recipe writer – Adam Cremona This super moist, crimson coloured cake’s origin is buried deep within American baking history. Nobody really […]