How to Make Royal Icing from Scratch

how to make and ice sugar cookies

Royal icing is mainly known as the icing used to decorate cookies. Its smooth, pure- white icing dries down to a hard, matte finish, which is frequently used to make cake decorations that will last for a long time. Its hardness makes it popular for baked goodies that need to be packed and shipped, without … Read more

How to Make Buttercream Icing from Scratch

how to make butter creaming from a scratch

Compared to other icings, buttercream is softer, more spreadable and manageable. Use it to pipe borders and to frost your cakes. Use it to write names and greetings. Use it to top your cupcakes. You should know that there is a LOT of buttercream icing recipes that you can try. However, it always comes in … Read more

How to Make a Naked Cake

naked cake

While rolled-on fondant has been the go-to style when it comes to decorating traditional wedding cakes, some people would try for something more unconventional, offbeat, and whimsical when it comes to cake decorating; hence, the rising popularity of the naked cake. But what is a naked cake, exactly? Let’s start with what a naked cake … Read more