How to Make Modeling Paste from Scratch

In cake decorating, there are many different variants of pastes that can be used. The paste you will use will have to depend on the project you are working. For example, if you want to decorate your cake with delicate flowers, you use gum paste. If you want to cover your cake with icing, you […]

How to Make Modeling Chocolate from Scratch

Modeling chocolate, also known as chocolate clay, is used to decorate and cover cakes. It is also used as a sculpting material to form figures and shapes. If you love the appearance of fondant on your cakes but you don’t particularly like its taste, modeling chocolate is an alternative to look into. It tastes much […]

Useful Modeling Chocolate Tips

Modeling chocolate, also known as candy clay, is a versatile paste to use for cake sculpting and modeling. It holds its own shape very well when you cut and make intricate shapes out of it, yet it is soft and pliable enough to be made into figures. Unfortunately, for the inexperienced cake decorator, working with […]