Molly Robbins

Molly Robbins

She is young, beautiful, smart, talented, successful and extremely popular. No wonder, because in addition to all before mentioned traits, she has an absolutely sweet, charming personality. She is a cake decorating pin up girl, a dog-cake-whisperer and an avid hedgehog trainer.

Molly Robbins is one of the UK’s most celebrated and exciting Cake Artists.

At only 25 years old Molly has a combined social media following of almost 100,000 fans and followers across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter and her novelty cakes and cake tutorials have gone viral around the world with a reach of almost 10 million.

Molly, an entrepreneur who began running her cake making business from scratch from her home town in Lancashire, is positioned as one of the most influential online Cake Artists for her age group. She began her career as a special effects makeup artist and is trained in fine art.

Industry accolades include two Gold awards at the world’s largest cake competition ‘Cake International‘, where this year she has gone on to exhibit as ‘Rising Star of 2016’.

Molly’s cakes have been featured as part of The Paul O’Grady Show, Blue Peter, and across CBBC. Her private clients include high profile talent from premiership footballers to Hollywood a-listers.

She has a buzzing social media presence, as thousands admire her talent and her personality.

She is the founder of Molly’s Creative Cakes.

“Rising Star Award 2016” nominee, Molly has a serious fine arts background.

She has a degree in arts but she is also a professional makeup artist having worked on special effects too.

She says she knows how precious an asset time is for anyone who works with crafts as the artists presence can hardly be substituted and you can only do certain amount of work at a time. This is why she focuses on teaching techniques which make the cakes stunning to look at, but relatively fast and easy to decorate.

Watch the interview to get to know the charming Molly Robbins!

Shooting tutorials with us is not just hard work

We also get to have a lot of fun, too. As we only work with cake decorators we also admire as people it became a tradition that at the end of their shooting period they receive a T-Shirt with a pun on it, referring to a memorable moment we experienced together. It was here in our little studio in Budapest where Molly reached 50 000 likes on Facebook, so we thought it would be a good idea to commemorate that on her tee. After the long hours of shooting tutorials we headed to the world-renown spas of Budapest with Molly. Boiling in the hot tub we spotted a creepy guy floating by, staring with eyes wide open, looking like a cardboard cut-out. I couldn’t help but get a gift for her reminding her of that creepy encounter, too.

Watch the video and be part of Molly’s moment joining our community.


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Happy Tiers Cakes
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Hi, stayed up very late last night watching your tutorial and I really did learn from it! I haven’t been doing this for very long and I always seemed to have trouble with ganache getting it smooth around the top of the cake. Now I know how to smooth it over from the sides to the top correctly! Looking forward to the rest of your tutorials! Thank you.
Tressa Bates
The Bakes House, UK
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Hi I have joined this site and it is well worth the money. The tutorials are very informative and they take you through them step by step not only verbally and visually but also with a paper back up, so whatever your method of learning is it makes it so much easier…take a look!!!!!!!!
Beverly Allen
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Just watched the free tutorial and it was terrific. Very helpful with tips and loved the way that the whole process was shown.
Laura Clark
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I am just so excited about this site. I do cake decorating for my 12 grandchildren’s birthdays and at times I am about ready to pull out my hair trying to figure out the design they have picked out, as I am self taught. Already have learned so much. Thank you!
Violet Schanzer
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LOVE LOVE LOVE your ‘cherry cake class’ tutorial. It’s so awesome!! Thank you so much!!
Senait Kaye
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I love the tutorial and tips thank you so much
Jenny McMillen
Sweet Cheeks Bakery Springhill, Canada
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I’m burning the midnight oil watching the free cherry cake class, and once I’ve finished with my cakes for the weekend I can’t wait to dive into Verusca’s shoes! Thanks so much for creating this wonderful forum for those of us who couldn not possible travel to other parts of the world to learn from the masters! I am so excited about what’s to come!!
Tash Whites
Baking Bad
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OMG I can't believe I can learn from THESE teachers! I wanted to attend Rose's Class live, but I just couldn't afford. And here she is! I still can't believe this! Thank you so much!!