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Rose Macefield

Learn Cake Decorating Online is proud to announce it’s newest fabulous cake celebrity instructor, Rose Macefield of Rose Macefield School of Sugarcraft

Rose Macefield  is a multi-award winning cake Artist, Author and International Tutor, a Competition Judge, a published Author of cake decorating.

Her exhibits have been featured in most major newspapers and online magazines.

She is the founder and lead artist at Rose Macefield School of Sugarcraft.

Rose Macefield's Awards

Creator of Batman vs. Superman Cake Sculpture Exhibit at Cake International London 2016, Alexandra Palace.

Although Rose does not compete anymore, but that does not mean that she isn’t present at cake competitions and cake shows.
She works as a judge and she has been asked to display her incredible exhibits at the biggest international cake shows.
Her latest two contribution to Cake International has been featured in major news sites and magazines.
She is the mastermind behind the huge and extremely lifelike Jurassic cake sculptures and the larger-than-life Batman vs. Superman superhero cake sculptures.
Watch the video in which she tells you the secrets behind these huge cakes.

Hi I’m Rose Macefield and I am a Cake sculptor, Author, and Teacher.

I discovered cake making almost 9 years now and I own a successful business that I operate in Dudley, West Midlands, UK.
I discovered cake decorating when I decided to have a go at making my son’s christening cake, I didn’t have a clue what to do but I managed to produce a very basic cake which I enjoyed making.

I didn’t realise at the time that this would be the first step of what was to become an amazing journey.

During the first couple of years I made cakes for mainly friends and family whilst learning the techniques of the craft.

Rose Macefield Cake Master Awards Winner

Rose Macefield Cake Master Awards Winner

One day someone told me about Cake International and the Competition it ran so I looked into it and decided to enter.

My first entry won me a bronze award and I was delighted!

Over the following few years I entered several competitions earning several Gold and Silver medals.

Then in 2013 I won Best in Show at Cake International and then in 2014 I won Best in Show at the Cake Masters Awards.


Rose Macefield as a Judge

Rose as a Judge

Since resigning from competition work I was offered the position of judge.

I have been doing this for 2 years now and i thoroughly enjoy it.

This gives be an opportunity to give something back to the competitions.

It is a very rewarding job and I feel very privileged.


Rose teaching the elephant class

Teaching has always been a passion of mine.

I started teaching in 2009 and it has become the biggest part of my business.

I thoroughly enjoy it and find it incredibly rewarding.

I teach classes on a weekly basis and specialised workshops twice a month.


Rose Macefields baby boy making cupcakes

Business continuity plan in place.

I am very lucky to be married to such a supportive husband, Kevin, and we have 4 fabulous children aged 21, 20, 17 and 10.

I love nothing more than spending valuable time with them.

We particularly enjoy visiting different parts of the country in our touring van.

Another passion of mine is reading and writing. I currently study English Literature and Creative Writing with the Open University.

One day I hope to become a published author of fantasy fiction.


Rose Macefield keeping fit

I also enjoy keeping fit. I swim, cycle and run.

By the end of this year I will have completed 4 half marathons, 1 sprint triathlon, the great north swim and a 100 mile bike ride.

My future plans are to continue to create exciting cakes that people will want to learn and to write more books.

Watch this video to get to know Rose Macefield a little bit better and have a peep behind the scenes! Find about the fabulous place where the Learn Cake Decorating Online Headquarters are located and have fun with Rose and Betti!

Even if Rose is now a competition judge, multi award winning cake decorator and exhibitor, she started out just like you, as a beginner. Imagine, she even had moments when she considered quitting cake decorating, but -like every successful people- she kept on going and pursuing her dream. She has now got to the point where she has dreamt up something entirely different than cake decorating! Watch the video to find out what that is…

No matter how humbling her talent is, Rose is still a cool lady who is ready to rock out to local bands, loves her beer and burgers and always up for some fun. Although she is not the unicorn riding type of princess but she loves castles and would absolutely live in a gothic one.
She spent 4 days and three nights with us in the amazing Budapest.
While she is a real professional when it comes to teaching cake decorating she had loads of fun after work.
She even learnt how to say “Another beer please.” in Hungarian, which is the world’s second hardest language to learn!
Ain’t it cool??
Watch the video and get a glimpse into the fun we had behind the scenes!

Rose Macefield's classes

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Hi I have joined this site and it is well worth the money. The tutorials are very informative and they take you through them step by step not only verbally and visually but also with a paper back up, so whatever your method of learning is it makes it so much easier…take a look!!!!!!!!
Beverly Allen
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Just watched the free tutorial and it was terrific. Very helpful with tips and loved the way that the whole process was shown.
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I am just so excited about this site. I do cake decorating for my 12 grandchildren’s birthdays and at times I am about ready to pull out my hair trying to figure out the design they have picked out, as I am self taught. Already have learned so much. Thank you!
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LOVE LOVE LOVE your ‘cherry cake class’ tutorial. It’s so awesome!! Thank you so much!!
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I’m burning the midnight oil watching the free cherry cake class, and once I’ve finished with my cakes for the weekend I can’t wait to dive into Verusca’s shoes! Thanks so much for creating this wonderful forum for those of us who couldn not possible travel to other parts of the world to learn from the masters! I am so excited about what’s to come!!
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OMG I can't believe I can learn from THESE teachers! I wanted to attend Rose's Class live, but I just couldn't afford. And here she is! I still can't believe this! Thank you so much!!