the big slice 29 thaug 2014

The Big Slice 29th August 2014 – the latest tips, tricks and tutorials in the world of cake

The Big Slice 29th August 2014 – the latest tips, tricks and tutorials in the world of cake

Good Morning Cakers!

We are heading into the last few days of August and that means it is nearly time for new tutorials for our members and also the end of winter in chilly Sydney!

This has been a huge week on social media as always with lots of cakey stories and techniques doing the rounds. So lets check out the latest…..

1. How to Make a Paper Piping Bag from Baking Paper
Check out just how easy it is to make this essential tool.








2. Make Clouds

Ever wondered how people make those fabulous clouds? Well wonder no more. Heres a great free tutorial for you, from Jacky Bakes.











3. Personalised Smarties
Want an incredibly fun way to personalise your cakes, cupcakes or cookies? We found this amazing product today. Personalised Smarties!! How fantastic. Totally Australian too. What a great idea.
So, change those M & M’s cakes and make them into Aussie versions!. Great for birthday cakes, weddings – hey any occasion really.









Intricate sugar beading can add some serious sparkle and bling to your wedding cake design, guaranteeing it will pretty much be the centre of attention at the reception. These amazing cakes are all from different cake artists and are works of art.












If you spend a bit of time in cake decorating forums, I guarantee parts of this post will resonate with you











With Fathers Day coming up it might be time to revisit a few of our previous member tutorials. We have both a cowboy boot and a Beer glass that might be just perfect! If you are not a member, it’s too easy. Just mosey on over to and join us. As soon as you’ve joined you will not only get access to this tutorial, but over 250 hours of other amazing ones as well as over 50 ebooks to download and keep.

Our membership website has been going for about a year and a half now and I think sometimes we forget about some of the earlier tutorials that we filmed! There is now over 100 different tutorials in there and with some of them running up to 5 hours long, that is a whole lot of cake decorating tuition in there for you!

beer glass and bottlecowboy boot










So I think there is enough reading there to keep you going all weekend!

Have a lovely weekend caking or otherwise!

Louise xx


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