The Truth (with Facts) about the LCDO and Verusca Walker Dispute

We have been slandered by Verusca Walker and Handi Mulyana recently.

We found these claims so unprofessional and ridiculous that we did not even want to react, we preferred to concentrate on working FOR our members whom have supported LCDO ever since.

Now that Verusca has gone to the extremes that she has actually started to STALK and SCARE our new teachers we decided that in protection to those being loyal to LCDO we have to react.

They are claiming that they have been mistreated by LCDO and they have not been paid for the work they did and that their copyrights are breached.

These statements are not only malicious, unethical and defamatory, but also utterly FALSE.

LCDO has been acting according to the law.

Here is a letter from the previous owner, Louise Vansleve clarifying their (and our) agreement:
Louise letter
Here is our polite and fair communication with the teachers ensuring them of our willingness to work with them and pay them:

Open to partnership affiliate

In spite of our efforts to keep a professional relationship, we have continuously experienced claims for money in a manner bordering extortion.
Still, we kept our professional attitude and openness towards partnership.

Although there are loads of talented artist in UK and Europe, we went out of our way to provide alternatives to the teachers to stay on board provided their LCDO members were important for them:
Answer to extorsion


If Verusca & Handi has valid claims they are free to go to court and PROVE what they claim.

Obviously they chose defamation instead of acting lawfully because their claims are simply NOT TRUE.

THEY are committing an unlawful act by defaming LCDO and they are misleading their followers and manipulating their audience to extract money from LCDO budget that is supposed to be spent on making excellent videos.

We say NO to slander, intimidation and bullying.

We hereby state:

-We the new owners purchased the site based on the firm belief that we own all the copyrights.

-We were ensured by the previous owner that there are no lingering legal issues or debts.

-We have paid every single cents to everyone including teachers, staff, affiliates we owed since the purchase of LCDO.

-We went out of our way to maintain a partnership with everyone related to LCDO.

-We have always acted lawfully and in good faith.

-Even in the midst of all drama, slander and claims bordering extortion stayed professional, polite while struggling to provide tutorials every two weeks being hindered by all this above.

Cake decorating is supposed to be fun and we apologise even on their behalf for spoiling this, and turning it into a petty dispute about money, popularity and big egos.

Unfortunately we do not have influence on other’s behaviour all we can do is to tell our side of the story and go back to work for LCDO members.

Happy caking!

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